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PSD to html5 Conversion Company in Chandigarh : W3 Web Designs

HTML is the life and support of webpages on the internet. HTML along with CSS can transform the static designs into dynamic webpages, which together can form a brilliant website. With the introduction of HTML5 and CSS3, a range of highly inventive features can be added to websites. You can say that the advancement on HTML has given designers room to be creative and experiment with new concepts.

W3 Web Designs is a leading web development company from Hyderabad that has expertise in HTML5 conversion projects. We have executed several conversion projects across the world (PSD to Joomla conversion, PSD to WordPress, PSD to HTML / XHTML, PSD to Drupal, PSD to HTML5) which include many PSD to HTML5 conversion services. As with all other conversion services that we undertake, we ensure that the PSD to HTML5 coding has the following features – fast turnaround time, reasonable prices and stringent quality control.

HTML5 is assisted by Microsoft, Apple, Firefox, Mozilla and other browsers as a markup language for websites. HTML5 coding has advanced features that include more semantic markups, drag and drop, audio/ video canvas and support, form enhancements, new ContentEditable attribute, simple DOCTYPE, persistent data storage and more. PSD to HTML5 conversion is a process of converting .PSD extension design files into strong HTML5 markup language. It makes your web site cross browser compatible and SEO friendly website powered. It also has error handling capability and backward compatibility.

High quality PSD to HTML5 conversion services W3 Web Designsis the best option because of our expertise and experience. We offer PSD to HTML/ XHTML/ CSS conversion at an affordable cost. Our team is well versed in HTML5 coding and are experts at PSD to HTML5 conversion. Our web designers and developers are proficient in HTML CSS3, HTML5 development, HTML programming and can convert any PSD into HTML template. We have already developed several HTML 5 websites using templates such as HTML5 XHTML, HTML5 WordPress.

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